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Yes you can forecast the charts ! There is an amazing way to do it , it's called "WAVE ANALYSIS". Check the last 100 of my charts and you will see how amazing it works!
Understanding how wave structure develops is the key to understanding how wave analysis works.
Knowledge of how structure develops will put you on the right side of your trade over 90% of the times!!

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GBPUSD face Stront Resistance
AB=CD at 1.4685
1.272 EXT at 1.4699
Left Srcture is very strong
Get ready to short gbpusd
if we see a bearish price action
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1. A perfect abc
2. An easy to make bull trap
3. An awesome "CS" setup
4. A long way to go down
5. Matching time / price oscillation frequencies

Wow ... what more can we ask for
Good luck
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Traders who are going long in gold in these days are running after the price.
We are very late in this gold intermediate cycle : it started on 12.04.2015. We are in the 4th daily cycle.
Usually an IC has 3 daily cycles in gold.
1st DC: 28 days,
2nd DC : 23 days,
3rd DC: 28 days,
4th DC: 24 days ( and not finished yet)

A daily cycle has 25-40 days. It seems we are printing shorter daily cycles in this intermediate cycle.
The risk of getting caught is 99.9%.

The banks and funds just pushed up and broke out gold price to get rid of the mining shares on the highest possible
prices. Now when they finished their work and sat back in their comfortable chairs gold can start its decline on the green back of the strengthening dollar next week. (The dollar has maximum 3-4 days to break down the August low and start an ultimate rally.)

So until the dollar starts its rally gold can test the 2015 January IC high at 1307 or maybe ( I see a very low chance for this) 200 weekly moving average at 1325. If this 2nd scenario happens I think we will drop 50-60$ in one day with a shooting star candlestick.

Horrible divergencies in the indicators : MACD, TSI.
RSI is making lower highs since 11th February..

So I think next 2 weeks we will see price at 1235$ at the bottom of the blue channel which we will break this time and start the decline to the 200 EMA.

P.S.: Zoom out the RSI to see the arrows
GBPJPY, 240 Long
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Price has broken above a downtrend, has pulled back and it's now testing the broken level. At that point we should watch for any buy setup. Watch below for my potential setup
EURAUD, 60 Short
5 159
EURAUD is approaching an intersection of a mid-term channel resistance and Fibonacci resistance line (61.8%). On top of this it is showing bearish divergence on the 1H time frame and showing potential to develop supporting bearish divergence on the 4H time frame.

Upon market open Sunday evening I'll watch for this pair to break the short term trend support (dark green line) and short the pair down to the channel support just below my 100% Fib support.

R:R for the position shown: 3.68
XAUUSD, 60 Neutral
1 244
Above, some harmonic patterns that i often look for (bullish ones)

These patterns, when identified, have a good risk/reward ratio. They allow traders to enter into the market with minimal risk. Obviously, you need some other confirmations before taking the trade on the pattern completion.
If the point D occurs with some divergence on classic oscillators (RSI / Macd, Sto), on a bottom (or top, if pattern is bearish) of a trendline / channel, previous support/resistance levels, supply/demand zone...then there are good probabilities to see price react on the completion of the pattern.

There are plenty of patterns, but this selection, from my side, is a good start for those who want to learn harmonic pattern.

Below some examples that have worked nicely (this don't work each time, this would be too easy ;)
ETHBTC, 60 Short
7 844
Hi all,

After our successful long from ~ 1630 to ~ 1730, we are now more comfortable in declaring the current situation as a Triangular formation.

See all explanation in chart :-)

Do not go all in, I don't have exact targets nor stop-loss for this trade yet. It is possible it could fake out to the top due to thin order books. So, stay relaxed...

Keep in mind, we are also in long-term downtrend, as per Behemoth analysis.

Happy trading! :)

P.S. If you wanna invite me for a coffee over the internetz,
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We can go long EURUSD at market price, and add if we get a dip to 1.1404, stops should be at least below 1.1348.
Targets are continuation of the weekly Time at mode uptrend I had forecasted a long time ago. We have broken a key resistance level and plotting a weekly and monthly close above said level, so it's highly likely to see immediate continuation into the highs.
My targets are on chart, both time and price wise, and funnily enough, the time target matches the potential June rate hike the Fed has hinted at recently. Once we hit the top target, we could expect a retracement or strong reversal, depending on the fundamental events to come.

If interested in my trading signals, or in personal tuition, contact me privately. I'm offering a considerable discount on a packaged course which includes access to my private trading signals list for a year.


Ivan Labrie.
EURUSD, 240 Neutral
2 122
Dear friend's

Euro is in over sold area and i think reaction on trend that i draw. we need to touch the pullback then move up to 1.15 at least.

kind regards,
1 203

After a piercing signal in a rounded bottom, the bulls are clearly around. We've had great bullish through and bulls will continue bringing price up next week. This move will probably come as a 3 wave cyclic move. Expecting this to be a great trade with a reliable upside target, that makes geometric sense.

---Interested in joining my professional signals group, or receiving my professional online trading tuition? Message me here on Trading view or email me with the email address on my Trading view profile page---

Best regards,
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Last week strong rally seems to be now close to exhaustion. Even though the long term uptrend in gold remains intact, we are close to a local top.
I apologize for the crowding of the graphic, but these three items all point to the same issue:
- The pitchfork has been useful to define support/resistance for the last month and last session closed exactly at the upper limit.
- The 1,618 price extension from last two local top and bottom lays at 1296
- We're almost 20 USD outside the Bollinger bands which was useful top indicator on last occasions.
Also note that volume was raising along with price during the last five days, except for friday's where it decreased, marking the bull energy is nearly gone.
SL at 1305
TP at 1275 or even 1265
3 144
- 4Hr Spinning Top creating a double top if we reject

- Long after retracement TL Bounce

- Or bounce on Weekly Resistance NOW Support
6 203
Now we seemed to have bottomed out with a solid rise today....lets take a peak at the possible future?
Obviously Bitcoin seems to having quite a big say in events so this may still have some ups and downs before rising to target 0.05.
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Clues on the chart! :) We had to add another flag just in case...

We are buying dips if you are selling ;)

XAUUSD, 120 Neutral
1 207
Short then long
Astro target of 1300 i spelled out on APRIL 1 was missed by 6 dollars. AMAZING!!! silver was off by a couple cents.. WOAH!
I am still amazed at how profound of an effect the latest retros this month has driven commodity prices higher. Not only has GDX popped for over 4-5% on every retro but the inner momo being built inside the cause for all commodities is scary. (even bdi has some movement finally .. this has not happened in the last 6-8 years.

As I expected Gold.Silver.Palladium. Platinum, Potash, Corn etc are all outperforming the general market....
Of course if one understands the fundamentals for commodities it would be a lot easier but the basic case for the exponential rise of price is contributed to a weak dollar. As the dollar continues to weaken and even targets 92.5 a swing low, I can see why price will continue higher.
I still stand by my bullish stance but price needs to cool down for the next leg higher.. all my targets were met time for a slight break before another ripper. ( this is the last zone of defense for the bears.) I expect some kind of pressure.
ETHBTC, 120 Short
2 155
ETH is facing some resistance at 0.0200
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