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Launch Chart
22 hours ago
EURUSD, 60 Short
4 1527
On H1 time frame, Setup with excellent R/R Ratio (4,5)


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

We appreciate your interest in our analysis, if you agree (or not) with our work, and would like to continue reading our opinions, be part of it with your "I Like"... Thanks you!


19 hours ago
EURUSD, 60 Neutral
4 418
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We appreciate your interest in our analysis, if you agree (or not) with our work, and would like to continue reading our opinions, be part of it with your "I Like"... Thanks you!

22 hours ago
EURUSD, 240 Long
0 726
Okay guys! We see a falling wedge with decreasing volume and obviously a breakout is expected followed by a close above the trend line. I have clone targets from the open face of the wedge and also the target to that price where we have seen the first divergence.
Its my target only if this trend line breaks.
1 day ago
EURUSD, 240 Neutral
15 1243
Details on the chart
2 days ago
XAUUSD, 30 Short
13 1909
1: 0.618 FIB Retest
2: Trend Line Risitance
3: Buyer tried twice but failed
4: Lower Time Frame Bat Pattern
16 hours ago
GBPAUD, D Neutral
2 269

We're still homing on on the mean price, and resolution is almost upon us. I expect a pullback to be shallow, and for the beginnings of the final price move down to complete.

Looking to short at the level I prescribed on the chart. Anyone who's followed my GBPAUD trades has with me, made 1400 pip so well done, that's great money.

Best of luck with your trades.

For online, or face to face trading tuition queries, message me here on Trading view, or email me with the provided address on my profile.

Thank you.
22 hours ago
EURUSD, 240 Neutral
0 500
Buy the pair on breakout.

Reasons ~
1] Wolfe Wave completion
2] Wedge Pattern
3] Divergence

1 day ago
0 496
Hey traders! Eurusd still reamin bearish, however I have couple of patterns here and its the bullish bat and the butterfly.
We have not yet installed a new trend. I am putting just 1% risk on this trade. I am 50/50 on this. I normally trade with the trend but I have a different feeling about this very trade since I got a cluster of support levels.
1 day ago
AUDCHF, 60 Short
4 701
2618 TRADE + Trend line retest
Stop 0.7435 (Kindly include the spread)
Target: 0.7377/ 0.7300
18 hours ago
4 432
This is a trade we took with our group.
We went long as depicted in the chart below.
Feel free to contact me if interested, we are always on the lookout for quick and safe profits.


Ivan Labrie.
1 day ago
USOIL, 240 Short
4 446
Hi All,

Given the size of the recent upswing in Crude I do believe we are dealing with w4 of the ending diagonal, and this wave is to be finished early next week. I expect therefore more decline in Crude in w5 and in SPX of course (Crude will go down together with SPX). The comparison of SPX vs Crude in Aug showed that SPX made its largest decline during w5 of Crude decline. This means that SPX investors resist the selling pressure to the latest possible stage, but once the resistance is over, a substantiaion sell-off happens.

So, next two week:
1) More decline in Crude
2) More decline in SPX

Also, more decline in Gold and Silver in order to complete their own ending diagonals. I have some doubts but I suspect that metals may rebound earlier than Crude.

Watch out: the next two weeks will offer some very sizeable movements and some extremely important reversals will occur at the end, all of which will set the beginning of new multi-month trends. Pay attention, stay focused, use all opportunities for profit!
7 hours ago
0 222
Hello, it seems price is forming a potential ABC pattern so we could expect more downside movement.
Right now price broke the strong level 2.300 and is bouncing from it. We could expect a further decline at least to test last lows.

SL: some pips above 2.300
target 1: last lows
target 2: 2.200 level
target 3: 2.1500 level

Best regards.
20 hours ago
BTCUSD, 240 Long
3 373
Major resistance -$351 (17 Nov 2105 high)

As per our analysis BTC/USD has broken major resistance $336 and jumped till $350.36 at the time of writing.

The pair’s next major resistance is around $351 and break above confirms minor trend reversal , a jump till $374/$400 is possible .

On the downside minor support is around $343 and break below targets $335 (200 day 4 HMA)/$328.

Minor trend reversal only below $335.

It is good to buy around $348-$350 with SL around $335 for the TP of $374/$398
15 hours ago
NZDUSD, 60 Long
2 167
Potential Inverted H&S in NZDUSD - Neckline falls at 0.6596

Wait for a break to enter - targets fall at highs 0.6762

Same H&S appears in NZDJPY - Check Link to Related Ideas for published chart
1 day ago
EURUSD, 60 Neutral
2 1464
The 3 Drive pattern is a 5-leg pattern. In a perfect 3 Drive pattern the XA leg will be a 0.618 to 0.786 retracement of the OX leg, the AB leg will be either a a 1.272 or 1.618 extension of the XA leg, the BC leg will be a 0.618 to 0.786 retracement of the AB leg, and the CD leg will be either a 1.272 or 1.618 extension of the BC leg. Also, the three drive legs (i.e., OX, AB, and CD) should form in about the same number of bars.

We appreciate your interest in our analysis, if you agree (or not) with our work, and would like to continue reading our opinions, be part of it with your "I Like"... Thanks you!

21 hours ago
XAGUSD, 240 Long
1 117
Silver has broken minor trend line resistance $14.20 and is consolidating around these levels.

Major resistance - $14.26 (55 day 4 H EMA)

Any break above will take the commodity to new level to $14.40/$14.57.

On the lower side minor support is around $14.07 and break below targets $14/$13.90.

It is good to buy at dips around $14.15-18 with SL around $14 for the TP of $14.50/$14.57
17 hours ago
USDSGD, W Neutral
2 80
We don't think any weakness is disrupting ongoing USD/SGD's uptrend.

Instead, the prevailing uptrend for USD/SGD seems to be corrected in short term (heading towards 23.6% Fibonacci retracement)

But our convictions states bullish trend is still intact in long term as it is likely to bounce back upon 23.6% retracement areas.

One can observe cautiously, how the prices bounced back as and when corrective retracements occurred which is healthy bullish trend.

In an attempt to evidence 6 year's high the pair is slipping below 3 weeks lows but long term trend still remains stronger.

Don't expect any asset class to give steep spikes or declines on a regular basis, if it happens then that's deemed as speculative moves one fine day tumbles massively.

If anyone has been skeptic on the downtrend of this pair, the At-The-Money delta call of USD/SGD value indicates the option's equivalent position in the underlying market.

ATM calls might be luring for many speculators or hedgers at this moment.

Let's suppose the adverse case of bull trend for an instance and you are highly risk averse, then long term USD/SGD ATM call options with +0.5 delta value can be delta hedged by selling 50,000 USD against SGD in the underlying FX market.

If our above predictions of 23.6% retracements come true then we can buy back and square off the outright positions, thereby long term call options could be cushioned to served their long term hedging objectives.

Are dubious on USD/SGD’s bear trap? delta hedge ATM calls on puzzling swings
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