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23 hours ago
AUDUSD, 240 Short
38 3276
Hello traders , this would be an amazing trade if it breaks so keep an eye on it .
Remember that we are expecting up move on EURUSD and GBPUSD .

Enjoy your weekend
Thank you for you support.
21 hours ago
BTCUSD, 15 Neutral
2 498
Transition point. Long if breakout up, short if breakdown.
22 hours ago
5 488
If you watch the S&P500 or invest in equities, you often want to know what the general trend in the market is and there is one very simple ratio you can watch that alerts you to when the conditions are dangerous. Oddly, the way the market works, however, is that once everyone has sold (or taken enough risk off of the table), the market can then find a bottom.

So, it is that old adage, that it is darkest before dawn, but it is also darkest before it is "pitch black". Meaning to talk on both sides of the fence here because this is the kind of setup where we could accelerate down and if we do, I don't see what is going to stop us at this point.

Investors are moving OUT of HYG (High Yield Bonds) and INTO the safe haven of US Gov't Bonds (TLT - 20 Years Gov't Bonds). This "RISK OFF" ratio is easy to plot and easy to track. I don't know the absolute levels that triggers a specific buy signal, but we are at TERROR levels NOT SEEN SINCE 2009 in the midst of financial market collapse - banks collapsing, brokers and leveraged traders getting wiped out (Bear Stearns, Lehman, AIG, etc).

So, tell me what you think? Are you in enough cash to "sleep at night" or are you still holding "margin long".


1102 SPX500 3:05PM EST Friday, Feb 5, 2016
21 hours ago
CL1!, D Neutral
2 368

Update: After some zig zag move, it looks like the bears are again, taking over again. We can see the trend line resistance is still a catalyst for price, and we can see the bulls advances are quickly negated.

Well done to my signals group who have been taking my continuous shorts, we have made some fantastic money here. Good opportunity to short Crude to the lows., keep finding these good technical set ups, looks very good. Like it a lot.

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Best of luck,
1 hour ago
7 182
A bearish breakout would be a bad omen for the stocks bulls. And would confirm my bearish view for the stocks market.
We have broken below the main long term rising trend line recently, a follow through the major support level around 115.50 would be seriously bearish for the pair and for risk around the globe.

More about the stocks market in the related ideas below.
Also check out is risk here to stay? and Three economic indicators warn of a recession!

Best Regards,
9 hours ago
7 185
Greetings Fellow Traders,

What an eventful week right? AUDUSD saw a massive rise to the weekly trend line, trading above former support (yellow area, which we'll look at on the weekly) but managed a very intense sell off on Friday to paint a much different scenario. In a multi week channel on the daily it looks incredibly likely that monday/tuesday very early next week we will see the bears begin to sell off much stronger.

Watch for the channel break on the lower time frames and be smart about the entries. The weekly candle suggests the momentum is strong enough to carry us below .6800 by the end of week...with initial targets looking like .65-.66 in the near future.

Here is the weekly candle, long wick with bearish body - very strong indication of further downside next week.

Feel free to comment/like/follow

20 hours ago
EURUSD, 60 Short
4 188
Looking to sell @ 1.1190............... targeting rising trendline.

Good luck !
13 hours ago
NZDUSD, 11D Short
7 182
It looks like NZDUSD-1.49% will resume the bearish trend right away.
The confirmation for this setup would be to see a sharp decline, reaching 0,60135 before March 2nd ideally.
We could preemtively enter shorts at market and use a stop at 0.68286 initially, and add to the trade as it progresses.

The potential decline ahead is rather large, and when we apply an 'expanding triangle' look to is, it would appear like we can expect a 2x range decline in this pair.
Rgmov is bearish and the price action highly suggestive.

Good luck!
Ivan Labrie.
10 hours ago
EURGBP, 60 Long
5 143
Hey traders: We have a potential bullish Gartley setup in EURGBP. IF price action drops to 0.76555 the bullish Gartley pattern will be completed. Look left structure leaves clue, Resistance becomes Support as usual, We do have a chance to see the price action bounce from the structure zone, hopefully the stops are below it. We are trading above the 89,144 EMA's which indicating a bullish bias too, Also if you notice that before the XA leg we do have an impulse leg which is the new structure high which made the change in trend. I am expecting the price action to reach 0.76901 if the pattern completes. Also look at the RSI 7 period which shows a bullish hidden divergence.
Let us see what happens.
1 hour ago
7 54
Long on EURJPY
23 hours ago
1 354
A break above 1180 could signal the end of the secular bear market within the larger bull market of gold, as for the first time gold made a higher high price since it fell from a peak of 1900.
Current price action is considerately overbought, but every dip was bought up given the fear and global macro.

Next few days we might potentially see Dollar correcting by at least 3% and this will be the catalyst of a 'higher-high' in Gold vs USD ratio.

Yes I'm aware, analysis such as Harry Dent is calling for $700 gold. I'm unconvinced. Deflation is the trend in the global economy and gold is an inflation hedge. So why would gold go up when the global economy is deflating?

Simple, central banks all around the world are stuck.
In the midst of a market crash and interest rate were still at 0%, not even QE is having any significant impact in countries like Japan and Europe. Markets are in untested water! They have no other gunpowder to stimulate the economy right now.

Historically gold rallies in times of a rising interest rate since it is an inflationary hedge, and interest rate rises because the economy is heating up.
Market expectations are changing. From a strong dollar as a result of Janet Yellen not wanting to lose her confidence by rising rates, to macro fears about the global economy. People will be expecting rates to be dropped, or even negative in the following months.

What if the interest rate were to be negative if Central Banks run out of options?
What if more QE was done?
Why would anyone still want to keep their money in insolvent banks and be charged at a monthly fee?

Gold isn't just a commodity, it is also a form of money beyond the control of any entity like Bitcoin. The correlation impact of the economy to gold will be pretty insignificant, considering the bigger picture as a hedge against a risk.

Some other factors includes only 73,000 ounce of gold remaining in the vaults of COMEX as of 2nd Feb 2016. 542 ounce of paper gold owner backed by just 1 ounce of physical gold.
What if these people starts asking for their gold back with the paper contracts they bought? You can expect a default ahead in the exchange just like the infamous bitcoin exchange, MtGox.
It is simply an accident waiting to happen!

Mike Maloney:
1 day ago
6 603
100 - 200 Pip Opportunity - EUR/USD Long - 05/02/2016

The primary trend of EUR/USD is bullish on charts and price is trading above the trend line in its daily chart. In 4 hourly chart the price is sustaining above 200 day SMA and taking support of 50 day SMA indicating uptrend of the pair. It is having an important resistance at the level of 1.12750 and support at the level of 1.12232. If it breaks its resistance level on the upside and sustains above it then we can expect it to show further bullish movement in the pair.


The Major trend of Euro it is showing strength for buying If it crosses the resistance level then one can initiate buying position in the pair . If it crosses the level of 1.12689 then it can test level for the target of 1.13000 with second target at 1.1430 with the stop loss 1.1175.

Euro is trading in a range and trading near the trend line. Breaking the support line will lead to upside movement. Eur is trading above the 50 DMA with a negative bias.

RSI is trading near to 65 levels with a positive bias, in upcoming session upside movement is expected.
MACD and Signal line is sustained above the zero level line.
17 hours ago
USOIL, 240 Short
2 229

Safe Trades;
7 hours ago
3 84
Parabolic rise for this month.
Looking For 1285$ for the end of the month.

Shark Bearish at 1281$ / Retracement 0.618 from 1433 (2013 august top) to 1046$.

1162$ support.
8 hours ago
GC1!, D Short
3 103
Gold completed bull cycle. A fresh week of bears start again. May be very fast because C waves runs fast usually. I prefer short from 1173. SL is 5$ target is 1048 for longer term and 1132 is short term.
9 hours ago
SPX, M Short
1 109
Very important short term support from the trendlines @ 1830 & 1770 area. If that breaks at the close of the candle (=month) that would signal further downside pressure to 1650 (green support).

Based on Time and Pattern Analysis, I expect the S&P500 to reach new Highs end of 2016 after which Time is running out, the financial system as we know it will implode and history will be repeated.

The chart says we need to prepare ourselves. If I'm correct, which I hope I'm not, then 2000 and 2007 will feel like a walk in the park compared to what is coming after 2016.
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