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Launch Chart
22 hours ago
15 1602
According to my previous idea posted one month ago:
I think this pair reached its bottom. After that the price action shows clear signs of a trend change
This is and updated monthly chart analysis:

I think the parity is the less possible scenario now. We are blinded by the "experts" who are talking about the parity months and months.
We must look at the price action and not listen to others people opinions.

Looking at w1 chart we can see a new EW cycle is beginning:
A sequence of HH and HL is starting

Lookin at D1 chart we are at the middle of wave III (more exactly wave 4 of 3)

If this setup works the price must reach the 1.200 level and more.

I marked with yellow labels the possible entries.

Best regards.

1 day ago
24 2092
Euro is now at the lowest price.
1.04 level.. Will never be repeated.
Target of Euro in the the next cycle. Will be 1.8000..
Details on the the chart.
16 hours ago
EURNZD, D Neutral
29 719
This is not a forecast that the pattern will complete. This is just an illustration of the harmonic 5-0 pattern. (Price could go in any direction from current levels).

The Pattern

The first requirement for the pattern is a new low that exceeds the prior low( Point B and X)
Point B should be within the range of 1.13 and 1.618. Shouldn't exceed 1.618 extension of wave XA
A rally should followe now, creating wave BC, where it should reach at least near the 1.618 extension of wave AB, and can reach up to 2.24.
A correction of wave BC should follow, the correction should complete wave CD at point D.
Point D should be around 0.5 retracement of Wave BC. Thats the "Potential Reversal Zone" OR PRZ of the pattern
This is not a place where you immediately Buy. Its a place to look for buy confirmation signals over the lower time intervals.

As you can see, the pattern on chart is still a potential pattern, and far from complete. So that doesn't mean that we should look to short now looking for a move to point D.

Good luck
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My best regards
10 hours ago
5 439
I am very bullish on this pair.

Recent price action suggests a strong bullish bias and probably a major bottom in place for now.
The price ability to take the high of the shooting star candle and 1.0530 horizontal resistance confirms a major bullish breakout. I

I will look to buy the pair on any minor pullback. First target at 1.0795 and second at 1.1292.

Good luck
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My best regards
1 day ago
EURNZD, 60 Neutral
27 972
Still waiting on this correction to finished for the next buy. Yea it looks like it would never correct but IT ALWAYS DOES !!
That is why I trade waves and nothing ELSE!!

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17 hours ago
2 442
I had no luck shorting the pair recently, however, i still see the bearish setup valid and therefore wont hesistate to short this again.

Yesterdays candle closed lower, forming a long-legged doji candle at that major resistance zone as you can see on chart.
A follow through and break below the doji's low could give further chances for this scenario.

Good luck
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My best regards

Trading Criteria:
1.Trades are taken in two units
2.First unit would be closed at first target
3.Stop loss is then moved to break-even
4.Second unit would be closed at second target
5) If 90 percent of first target is reached without triggering entry I cancel the trade
6) If 90 percent of first target is reached I move stop loss to breakeven.
7) Remember: Losing is a main part of the game
5 hours ago
EURUSD, 240 Neutral
1 265
We expected a pullback with a pattern ABCD, but this failed. As mentioned yesterday in Chat, with the cancellation of ABCD we could see a harmonic pattern, with the condition of maintaining the relative maximum.
With a breakout of the highs, we should compare with the model that we published a few days ago (see chart below).

Today the market will focus on the ADP NFP and I invite you to read our opinion published on the graph below.

If you think that all of our work deserves your "I Like", we thank you!!

21 hours ago
0 653
Bullish reversal with a butterfly projection at 200 sma and long term lows. ( non-ideal inverse head and shoulders measured ).
Higher lows established, above 50 sma stability. Confirmation re-entry Channel lines.
26/1 horizontal support.

Targeting 1.20 level.

23 hours ago
GBPUSD, 240 Long
4 455
This setup is similar to the GBPNZD idea i posted before.

The price is bouncing on the trendline at 0.61 fib retracement

- fib overlapping
- hidden bullish divergence
- EW fourth wave
- engulfing bullish candle

Best regards
17 hours ago
SPX500, 240 Neutral
7 564
A Bearish Deep Crap

Could be in spe. BUT so far highly speculative.

Conditions: A flush tomorrow for the 88,6 retrace of the X to A-leg (2082 handle) no more no less.
This could suck in bears and create a bear trap. It has to be the 88.6 retrace... (A must)
Then we have to see a hard reversal for creating a short squeeze that could propel the D leg up for a BLOW off top

Clues to support this possibility:
We have B-leg retracing 88.6 of the X to A-leg.
If we get the C-leg retracing 88,6 of the X to A-leg ... the setup for the 1.618 extension is then ready to pan out.

RSI is a its low so could turn up after a flush

Fear not ...believe in what you see

Music at work:
7 hours ago
EURUSD, D Neutral
6 484
It is reasonable to say that this up move for the Euro, for the moment is just a correction for the big down trend (on a daily chart).
My scenarios would be the following:

1. The price will stop before 1.1300 and draw a Double Top (look at the 60 min chart). This scenario would also be sustained by the Daily chart with the Bat pattern emerging from the latest price action.
2. The second scenario is that the Double Bottom formed on the daily chart would actually send the price towards 1.1650, but for this I believe that Euro needs some reinforcements.

My favorite is the first one, what do you think will happen?
22 hours ago
SPX500, 60 Short
1 407

Finally the top will be reached with a Harmonic ABCD

Fear Not Believe what you see


Music at work:
1 day ago
EURUSD, 60 Neutral
11 999
Zoomed out and now it looks bullish. A break above 1.1120 is a bullish signal, but a break above 1.1145 would be a strong bullish signal. Looking at the price action 1.1180 could be hit in the next couple to several hours if 20 is broken.
2 hours ago
AUDCAD, 60 Short
13 356
We've had a hell of a ride as of late on the AUDCAD. Through some difficult pattern trading weeks this pair has been the one keeping my head above water. We now have yet another Cypher pattern that just completed minutes ago.

In all honestly, I'm fully expecting a loser on this one. Why? Well it's just the numbers. Even with the Cypher having a completion rate up to 75-80% 5 in a row without a loss seems a little unlikely. Will this stop me from taking the trade? Heck no! It's a "GOOD" trade and that's all i look for in the market. If you need another example of this check out the piece i just wrote on yesterday's USDCAD trade that I didn't want to take "the Best Type of Trade"

Either way, stops need to be above the X leg, i'd say at minimum 0.9685s and initial targets (assuming we turn around on a dime) would be down in the 9545s area.

Good luck with this one traders and remember we trade the plan not our emotions!
21 hours ago
AUDUSD, 480 Long
2 370

#RBA rate cuts to historic low did nothing to interdict price's sustained rally towards targets defined this past January 2015 (see original analysis here: )

Hence, the following targets remain in force:

1 - TG-1 = 0.84131- 05 MAY 2015

2 - TG-Hi = 0.86144 - 10 JAN 2015


3 - TG-Hix = 0.95025 - 10 JAN 2015

Also defined within the field is a "Bullish Entrenchment" zone, defined by the range 0.76483-to-0.7540. If tests, this range would impose the strongest bull ripost - These are illustrated in the following chart:

Following is a social media release update, one of many as price offers technically relevant event:

From Twitter/LinkedIn:
$AUDUSD January forecast remains in force; New proximal quant-target defined per core geo; Bullish:


Stay tuned,

David Alcindor
Predictive Analysis & Forecasting
Durango, Colorado - USA


David Alcindor

1 day ago
EURUSD, 240 Neutral
2 798
....or new high and pullback to 1.10? .....Levels on Chart

Our Daily time frame analysis:
8 hours ago
EURUSD, 15 Long
4 409
Morning everyone! The wedge did a pretty good job. No I can see that the rally took a break. On a very short term I would say that there is a good chance for the price to break 1.1240 and reach for 1.1260/65 resistance. Don't forget that there are some important economic indicators scheduled for today from US ad some for EU.
3 hours ago
XAUUSD, 240 Neutral
4 173
Look at our setup:
(Click and Play Chart)

If you think that all of our work deserves your "I Like", we thank you!!

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