May 29, 2017
1.1.0 New update for the iOS App!

We’ve just released an update for our new iOS app! The version 1.1.0 is here. We decided to focus on the most critical issues such as app crashes and Google Sign-In issues. We’ve also reduced traffic consumption and battery drain. Never a bad thing, right?
We really appreciate all the feedback and excitement for the TradingView mobile app as. The upcoming releases will focus on further improvements such as app stability, app speed and new social features and functions.
Below is the complete list of fixes and improvements.
• Fixed an issue with Google Sign-In
• Fixed the new watchlist bug (app used to crash when a new watchlist was created)
• Fixed the watchlist symbol bug (app used to crash when a new symbol in a watchlist was selected)
• Fixed the new message bug (app used to crash when a new message was received)
• Fixed the way some links in chats were displayed
• Fixed the functionality of system messages
• Fixed the incorrect display of user reputation
• Fixed the background display issue in user profile picture
• Fixed the issue of sending chat messages with specific symbols
• Fixed the issue of incorrect selection of the current watchlist
• Added the feature to hide watchlists by touching outside the watchlist
• Reduced the consumption of traffic and device battery while working with watchlists

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