October 18, 2017
10 amazing TradingView statistics and facts

Last year we celebrated the major milestone of having over a million ideas shared by the community. This time we dug up more fun and interesting stats on the social network you are all part of. We will update the shared ideas number (spoiler alert; it’s way up!) and give more specifics about the community we all love and its activities.


Community size

The TradingView community, as of today, consists of over 3 million monthly active users. That’s more than the size of the population of the city of Chicago, Illinois where TradingView is headquartered. It reached this size by organic growth. The average length of their sessions is 16+ mins.


Simultaneous use

At the start of the US session, which overlaps the tail end of the European session, 14,000 of you are active simultaneously. That’s a full indoor arena of people trading, charting, chatting, researching markets, publishing, or discussing ideas. All at the same time. How is that for a trading room 🙂


Community growth

Every day, on average, 3,300 new users join the community. That’s like an ocean liner cruise ship with traders, educators and market enthusiasts arriving every single day.


Shared ideas

You have collectively shared a total of 1.8 million public ideas, consisting of a million published ideas (that can be validated through the load new bars feature) and 825,000 shared chart snapshots. If you would take a minute to study each, it would keep you occupied for 3.5 years non-stop.


Daily sharing

Every single day, on average, 1,400 new public ideas are published and 1,250 new chart snapshots are shared in real-time. That’s 2,650+ new trading opportunities that can help you analyze the market! If you would take a minute to study each, you would need 44 hours in a day.


Chat activity

Our public chats reached a combined total of 22.4 million all-time messages. Every day 23,500 new ones are posted, discussing potential trades and market conditions in real-time. The 5 most active chats are Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Gold, Stocks & Indexes and Oil.


Idea comments

You have collectively posted 738,000 comments in response to published ideas, peer-reviewing them, giving the community extra choices or confirming the view of the author. 1,150 new idea comments are posted daily.



39% of sessions come from users in the 25-34 demographic, creating a foundation for millennials who are known for taking control of their personal finances.



We are visited by a person from each country in the world every single month, with the sole exception of North Korea.


Popular securities

The 10 most popular securities this year (based on views) are Bitcoin, EURUSD, Gold, Ethereum, USDJPY, Apple stock, DAX, Oil, GBPUSD and Litecoin. Bitcoin being the most popular trailed by 2 altcoins in the top 10, illustrates the inherent popularity of cryptocurrencies in the community.


Are you dizzy yet? Let us summarize these stats briefly: you guys are the most active, most engaged and fastest growing trading community out there. You make it possible for anyone who joins to talk to millions of traders from all over the world, in an open and transparent manner, to see what others do, improve their skills and get better at trading. This community is one of a kind, thank you for making TradingView possible.

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