January 11, 2021
2020: Big Leaps Forward for Pine and Indicators

TradingViewers can do more than ever before with indicators and strategies written in Pine. There are two reasons for this:

  1. You have continued to send us your suggestions for improvement.
  2. Our founders and team leaders have been listening to you, and our developers are hard at work delivering a constant stream of big and small improvements that you asked for.

Improvements for traders

Together, we can move mountains, yet in the daily grind, it’s easy to forget how much we accomplish. Here’s a look at the top improvements to indicators and strategies that we made for traders during 2020:

Improvements to Pine Script

TradingViewers using indicators and strategies indirectly benefit from improvements we make to our Pine programming language because they allow our Pine coders to bring them more powerful scripts.

These are the most important improvements we made to Pine in 2020:

More and more traders expressed the desire for more flexible alerts. More and more traders also want to be able to screen markets with Pine scripts and work with volume data in more creative ways. These are the areas we intend to focus on, as well as continuing to improve the quality and diversity of the ways in which coders can control the inputs and visuals of their scripts.

We develop Pine for you, striving to meet the challenge of designing the language so that it’s easy to learn for traders learning to program—yet powerful enough for experienced programmers.

Salute to our Pine programmers

TradingView has lots of built-in indicators, of course, but the breadth and quantity of indicators written by our amazing community of creative and generous Pine programmers dwarf anything we could write ourselves.

These are just a few of the most popular 2020 scripts used by traders:

SuperTrend, by KivancOzbilgic

Divergence for many indicator v3 and Pivot Point Supertrend, by LonesomeTheBlue

Divergence Indicator (any oscillator), by yatrader2

[RS]ZigZag Multiple Methods – Forecast – patterns – labels, by RicardoSantos

If you don’t already know our Pine Wizards, have a look at their body of work. They are the authors recognized as having contributed the most to our platform.

As TradingView becomes a standard in the worldwide community of traders and investors, more and more script authors join the platform, and a few rising stars are making their place among the very best: KivancOzbilgic, LonesomeTheBlue, rumpypumpydumpy, dgtrd, BigBitsIO, EvoCrypto, yatrader2, john_everist, theheirophant, balipour, capissimo, RedKTrader, and many others.

Many of our most proficient Pine programmers and expert users of the platform are part of the PineCoders group. Among many other tasks, they man the PineCoders moderator account: from where they moderate scripts, select the Scripts Editors’ Picks, publish educational material on Pine, and answer questions on Pine in public forums.

We work closely with PineCoders to select, design and prioritize user suggestions that become new features on TradingView. Many PineCoders contribute significant amounts of their time to help improve the platform and manage the lively community of Pine programmers on TradingView. They work behind the scenes and seldom blow their own trumpet, so we’re going to do it for them:

  • RicardoSantos is part of PineCoders management. Besides being the Maestro because he is the most creative and prolific author on the platform, he is a long-time trader who also contributes to the design of new features and helps with the selection of Editors’ Picks. He is also a major contributor to the beta testing group. While he sees himself as just a normal guy, when Maestro speaks, others listen.
  • scarf is co-founder of PineCoders and part of its management team. An experienced trader who trades from wherever he is in the world at any given time, this man has an encyclopedic knowledge of indicators, trading books and methodologies.
  • allanster is with the management team. He is one of the wise men watching over the independent Pinescripters Telegram group. allanster knows his indicators, is a meticulous coder, and life is good when he graces the group with his brilliant humor.
  • e2e4mfck is also with management. He is one of the important contributors to the script moderation practice and helps in gathering user suggestions. He publishes squeaky-clean Pine code.
  • midtownsk8rguy is a major contributor to the design of many new features on the platform. He is an Ehlers fan and publishes quant-style scripts that push the limits of Pine visuals.
  • Peter_O, Duyck, Jos from Kodify, mortdiggidy, Daveatt, DonovanWall, LonesomeTheBlue and bmastien know the platform inside out and are regular contributors to new features, bug reports and beta testing activities. Many of them also answer user questions in public forums.
  • everget, along with Maestro, was instrumental in the early efforts to launch PineCoders. In addition to publishing impeccable and creative Pine code, he has a keen eye for new features and is always there to help with the PineCoders infrastructure. He and Maestro also helped create the Pine Script Coding Conventions, which we have now adopted in our own documentation on Pine.
  • alexgrover wrote the Digital Signal Processing in Pine guide, publishes scripts to help coders from the PineCoders account, and contributes to the design of new features.
  • Many other PineCoders are our eyes and ears on the platform and help us ensure things run smoothly on the site.
  • LucF is PineCoders lead. He oversees PineCoders projects, publishes most of the educational material from the PineCoders account and the pinecoders.com website, and liaises with our teams.

As long as you continue to tell us what improvements you want to see, there is no end to what we can achieve together. Keep the ideas coming!

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