March 19, 2021
Add Tooltips to the Inputs of Your Pine Scripts

You can now add a short description to any input using Pine’s new tooltips.

It’s easy to do! Simply use the new tooltip parameter in any input() call to have an “i” icon appear next to the input. Hovering over the icon displays the string used as an argument for the tooltip parameter.

study("Average True Range", "ATR")
i_length = input(14, "Length", minval = 1,
 tooltip="The number of last True Range values used in the calculation of the average.")
plot(rma(tr(true), i_length), "ATR", #991515)

When inputs are combined using the inline parameter, only the last tooltip will be displayed at the end of the line.

Read about all updates to Pine in our User Manual’s Release Notes.

We hope you find this much-requested feature useful. Please continue sending us your feedback for improvement. We build TradingView for our users and love hearing from you.

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