August 3, 2022

ADX — now officially available on TradingView

Join us today to celebrate another huge integration — Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) has now opened its doors to  TradingView users thirsty for data!

Established in November 2000, the exchange set straight to work on its goal to empower the United Arab Emirates (UAE) economy and become an innovative, attractive and transparent marketplace. Guess what? They’ve made it — ADX is now the second largest market in the Middle East and lists a wide range of securities, including equities, ETFs, derivatives, debt instruments and more.

Since ADX aims to develop the nation’s economy, it diversifies its instruments across large and competitive sectors like Banking, Energy, Telecommunications, Financial services, etc. By continuously adding new investment opportunities such as ETFs and derivatives, ensuring sound and accurate transactions, and establishing fair and proper dealing principles to protect their investors, the exchange gives enthusiastic traders access to a vibrant and thriving market. After all, the UAE holds many opportunities — as classics say, this mystical land of culture and innovation is more than it seems. 

ADX data is provided in real time on TradingView, or, if you happen to be a fan of our widgets, you can use them to display the delayed data on your website. 

Now that you’ve made your acquaintance with the exchange and its vision, it’s time to head to our symbol search field and type in the “ADX:” prefix — it’ll let you see all available assets to choose from: 

Now you can at last start your journey. Take care and good luck! 

Team TradingView

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