February 17, 2020
Alerts Are Now Available for Second Resolutions

We know how important alerts are to your charts. Over the last few weeks, some of you have asked for the ability to create alerts while watching a chart on second-based time intervals. Today, the TradingView team made that possible! This means you can create alerts while watching your chart on any time interval – months, weeks, days, and now seconds.
To get started, open a chart and set it to a 1S, 5S, 15S or 30S interval. Then, create an alert as you always have and set it live. You’ll get instant emails, text messages or desktop notifications when those alerts trigger.

At the moment, alerts created on a second-based interval chart are only available to TradingView members who subscribe to a Premium plan. You can upgrade your plan or become a Premium plan subscriber here. We’re excited to make this possible for Premium members and please keep sending our team new ideas. We just may build it for you!

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