May 17, 2022

All the world’s stocks, now in one screener

Globalization’s been around for three decades, and yet traders have never had a way of easily comparing equities between different countries and currencies. Well, no more. We’re so stoked to announce the latest update to our stock screener: you can now filter the entire world, all at the same time. 

Want to compare Saudi Aramco v Apple’s fight for the world’s top dog spot? Go for it. Want to screen biotech stocks across the entirety of Europe? Easy. Want to add virtually every exchange on the planet and then order all the world’s stocks by percentage change? Hell, do it. Our tech is yours – use it for your trading research in whatever way you wish. 

As you can imagine, this wasn’t an easy update to implement, taking over 18 months of hard work to allow you to compare over 70 local markets at the same time, located in more than 50 countries. To underscore the flexibility of this new update, here are some further use cases you may want to explore to get started: 

  • Order the whole world by market cap — apparently Procal Electronics India is currently the planet’s smallest publicly listed company with a market cap of just $16.6k USD
  • Explore continental performance, such as all European or all Asian equities 
  • Go more granular with regional views, such as all Nordic markets 
  • Get a true sense of globalized industries, for example all motor vehicle stocks, regardless of the country of their listing

Hopefully by this point, you’re gunning to have a play with this update for yourself. To get going, simply go to our Stock Screener, then select the Globe or Flag icon. You then simply select “Entire world” to see the whole kaboodle — stocks from more than 50 countries.

You can also toggle the “Multi-select” feature to choose specific countries:

Or view your favorite stocks from just one market as normal:

If you need to clear the decks, just hit the “Reset” button, which defaults back to US stocks:

Right, well there you have it — this update is already available to all users. Please let us know how you get on with it and whether it’s helpful to your trading and investing research.

Oh and one final thing: it’s worth noting that currency data still has the same conversion rules as it does in single-market mode. You can read more about it here.

Happy screening — thank you for being with us on our journey to make the best tools for all traders and investors regardless of where they live.

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