Alpaca launches advanced charting for global customers

Dec 13, 2021

About 2 years ago we partnered with Alpaca as an integrated broker so traders could access commission-free U.S. stocks and ETFs via TradingView’s interface. You can read more on that announcement here.

Today we’re happy to announce we’ve helped Alpaca expand their own web capabilities, this time with the integration of our advanced charting into their site. Now you can use all Alpaca’s advanced order types and features while maintaining your TradingView charts locally.

The tools are available to global customers from

With the new integration, you can use TradingView chart to analyze real-time market data and submit advanced order types like fractional and notional orders directly within the Alpaca dashboard — no need to toggle back and forth between Alpaca and TradingView. 

“TradingView is one of the greatest platforms in today’s trading space and it complements Alpaca’s API platform very well. Many of our users love being able to trade both in the advanced user interface and API at the same time, which provides a very unique offering. We’re excited about this integration and our partnership journey with TradingView.” Hitoshi Harada, Co-founder & CTO at Alpaca.

“This launch combines best-in-class execution with best-in-class charting in a single dashboard. We look forward to our continued partnership with Alpaca and helping to build great experiences for Alpaca customers.”Pierce Crosby, General Manager, TradingView. 

This kind of integration can only be possible with a self-hosted library — Technical Analysis Charts — this product provides advanced drawing features, more than 100 already built-in indicators, and other customizations. 

Check out the library here.

As always, thanks for choosing TradingView and helping us build the best-in-class trading platform.

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