Introducing the New Drawing Tool: Arrow Marker

May 22, 2020

We’ve got a new addition to our drawing tools drop-down menu that we’re sure you’re going to love: introducing the Arrow Marker. You can now find it in the list of text tools — check out the visual below to show you exactly where.

The Arrow Marker is a convenient pointer, and it’s now easier than ever to highlight certain areas on your charts or ideas. Whether it’s breakout levels, analyzing trend movements, or highlighting a section of a chart for further analysis, you can do it all with Arrow Marker. 

You can use the Arrow Marker as simply as you would a Trend Line. The arrow’s position is set by two different reference points, the second of which determines the arrow’s direction. You can also add a text signature by opening Settings and going to the Text tab. Take a closer look at how the Arrow Marker direction and text signature work with the example below.

Get started with Arrow Marker today and please feel free to send us your feedback, comments, and suggestions — we love hearing from you. Thanks for being a part of our ever-growing community here at TradingView.

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