November 17, 2021

Autofill of Broker Credentials in TradingView Desktop App

In the previous blog post, we told you about the new sign-in experience in the app. It seems to be working fine, and we hope you liked it. This announcement isn’t about a new app version. It’s about a feature that we presented in the beta.13 version last week, and now we’re ready to tell you about it.

If you use TradingView Desktop for trading assets, you’ll love this new feature. The app can now remember your broker account’s credentials and autofill them every time. The app uses macOS Keychain Access and Windows Credential Manager to store your credentials securely. On Windows, the feature is enabled by default: you just need to type in your credentials once, as you usually do, and the app will ask if you want it to remember them. If you’re a Mac user, just enable Autofill on the app menu (you’ll find it in “Settings”). And if you don’t want to use Autofill, you can always disable it on the menu at any time.

Linux isn’t supported yet though, sorry guys. And for technical reasons, the Autofill feature doesn’t work for brokers,, Alpaca, and Bingbon.

In the last blog post, there was a note about updating the app on Windows. Just a reminder: the beta.12 version of the app on Windows cannot install the update automatically and even cannot be updated to the latest version. You should uninstall the app from your computer and install the new version. It’s a one-time inconvenience; upcoming updates will be installed automatically as usual. If you haven’t tried the app yet, then you can download it from this page.

Still love hearing your feedback!

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