March 11, 2020
Bitpanda Pro Data Is Now Available on TradingView!

Starting today, Bitpanda Pro, formerly known as The Bitpanda Global Exchange, is now available on TradingView! Now everyone can see and access the updated data source.

To get started, enter BITPANDAPRO: in the search bar and select the trading pair you want, or select Bitpanda Pro from the drop-down list of exchanges. Anyone on TradingView can now track, chart, and analyze trading pairs from Bitpanda Pro.

Bitpanda Pro is one of Europe’s leading platforms for digital assets and we are excited to continue our partnership with them as they grow and add more crypto-to-fiat trading pairs to make trading more convenient. Today, Bitpanda Pro is helping to make European crypto trading pairs more accessible from ETH/CHF to BTC/EUR.

We plan to continue building for the crypto community and we hope this update pushes that mission forward a little more. Please keep sending your feedback and requests.

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