Pine Script®

Pine Script® programmers, get ready for Pinefests
Sep 19
Debug your Pine Script® code with Pine Logs
Aug 29
New features in Pine Script®: realistic backtests on Heikin Ashi charts, built-ins to access symbol info, and more
Jun 30
Our Pine Script® Editor keeps getting better
Jun 15
Connect your scripts to more external inputs
May 3
Pine Script® now does vertical gradients!
Oct 5, 2022
Pine Script® has a new VSC-style editor
Oct 4, 2022
Pine Script® and charts become better acquainted
Jul 12, 2022
Backtest more accurately with the Bar Magnifier
May 30, 2022
Unite and annotate: Pine Tables now support headers and tooltips
Mar 18, 2022
Pine now supports fills between line drawings
Jan 11, 2022
Edit your Pine code on a separate page
Dec 28, 2021
New in Pine: overloads, new string functions, and more!
Dec 23, 2021