July 26, 2019
Changes to Script Publishing on TradingView

Part of our mission here at TradingView is to build an open community where knowledge can be shared across the globe. Our Script section plays a huge role in this as there are thousands of indicators and strategies that have been written and published using Pine – our proprietary programming language. We do everything in our power to push forward this initiative and support our contributors who publish open source scripts. Below are some of our recent improvements.

  • Users are no longer able to receive reputation points for invite-only and protected scripts. In other words, the only way to gain reputation points is to publish open-source scripts. We believe that authors who share their source code with the community have to be rewarded for their actions and should receive visibility as opposed to those who prefer to keep them private.
  • Users that publish scripts with open-source code are now able to make it to the top author lists (indicators & strategies) that we recently added to all sections.
  • We’ve redesigned our feed and public library in a way that it shows scripts with an open-source code by default. It’s still possible to see all published scripts though. Simply disable the filter in top right corner to do so.

Please also note that we made some changes to our Terms of Use pertaining to usage and publishing of scripts. From now on, if an author of an open-source script doesn’t select a license when publishing a script it will be published under Mozilla Public License 2.0 automatically.

Thanks for choosing TradingView!

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