April 29, 2016

Charting Library 1.5 (stable) Released!

The Charting Library  1.5 (stable) has been released! It has many new improvements and bug fixes, which were requested and reported by our wonderful community.

What’s new:

  1. Second-based timeframes. It’s possible to plot “X” seconds charts now, for example a 5 second or 20 second charts.
  2. Maximized panes. If you want to focus on a specific pane, simply double-click on a pane to maximize it. You can also do this by clicking maximize/minimize buttons in the right top corner of a pane.
  3. Customized default settings for a graphic object (GitHub issue #976). You can change settings of a drawing object to save them as new defaults.
  4. New symbol info dialog (GitHub issue #936). Show as many details for users as they need: symbol name, description, category, exchange, session info and much more.
  5. Custom colors for markers on bars (GitHub issue #914). Markers can now be used to display info on a specific interval of a chart. You can choose any RGB color for markers.
  6. An attribute to show last bar values (GitHub issue #780). Use the attribute ‘price_scale_always_last_bar_value’ to show actual last bar values instead of the last visible bar values
  7. Offset from UTC for various time zones (GitHub issue #838). Time zone offset is now displayed on charts.
  8. Cursor movement events (GitHub issue #735). Easier interaction with chart. If you subscribe to ‘crossHairMoved’ event, you can get info about price and date/time on the point where the cursor is located. It can be very useful if you want to display additional info on specific intervals.

More new features:

  1. Configurable delay after a character is typed into symbol search field and before it actually starts searching (GitHub issue #974).
  2. Configurable delay before onAutoSaveNeeded event triggers (GitHub issue #846).
  3. Feature that disables/enables Compare or Add Symbol buttons on chart (GitHub issue #694).
  4. Advanced settings for the Moving Average indicator (GitHub issue #676).
  5. Feature that allows to limit max. number of indicators on chart (GitHub issue #649).
  6. Feature for deactivating time zones menu (GitHub issue #647).
  7. Language files are significantly reduced in size for the charting library (GitHub issue #961).
  8. Requests to external resources, which decrease performance, are excluded (GitHub issue #421).

Bug fixes:

  1. Critical issue with graphic objects drawn “in future” on chart (GitHub issue #562).
  2. Incorrect titles of RSI plots (GitHub issue #1024).
  3. Empty chart tab when switching between Google Chrome tabs (GitHub issue #1015).
  4. Study Templates menu issue (GitHub issue #1013).
  5. Double Volume indicator when applying a study template (GitHub issue #1013).
  6. Critical issue upon clicking Remove All Indicators (GitHub issue #1008).
  7. Incorrect titles of Donchian Channels plots (GitHub issue #1006).
  8. Incorrect market status indicator on chart (GitHub issue #942).
  9. Levels reset for Fibonacci Retracement tool (GitHub issue #911).
  10. Complex charts don’t load (GitHub issue #956).
  11. Incorrect bar timestamps (GitHub issue #886).
  12. Market position line is displayed only on top pane (GitHub issue #880).
  13. Wrong symbol names cannot be processed (GitHub issue #871).
  14. Study templates with special characters cannot be applied to charts (GitHub issue #855).
  15. Some MACD plots are missing (GitHub issue #854).
  16. Chart saved with locked scale cannot load (GitHub issue #852).
  17. Issue with left side toolbar (GitHub issue #851).
  18. XSS security vulnerability in demonstration code (GitHub issue #847).
  19. Loading the same symbol on chart requests too much data (GitHub issue #841).
  20. Data loading error when local date is incorrect (GitHub issue #837).
  21. Snapshot menu is shown when ‘show_dialog_on_snapshot_ready’ is off (GitHub issue #836).
  22. Marks are incorrect when zooming in/out (GitHub issue #796).
  23. Volume indicator is applied on chart scrolling(GitHub issue #792).
  24. Wrong background color for snapshot button (GitHub issue #769).
  25. True Strength Indicator plots only the thin line (GitHub issue #758).

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