March 3, 2017
Charting library stable version 1.9 is released!

We are happy to announce that the new stable version of our Charting Library is now available.

We made floating toolbars responsive, extended our API, updated translations and added some important fixes.

New Features:

  • Floating panels for Drawing Tools are now responsive (Github issue #1443)
    Mobile UX is optimized, it’s now easier than ever to use charts on mobile devices.
  • Added the “All” button to the timeframes at the bottom of the chart (Github issue #1279)
    You can now load all available history for a chart in one click.
  • Added a method to override indicator settings (Github issue #1090)
    You can now change default indicator settings at any time after widget creation.
  • Added an API to modify the symbol list in the Trading Platform  (Github issue #1567)
    You can now add and remove symbols while you work.
  • Translations to various languages were updated. Feel free to localize your charts completely!


  • Issue with saving favorite bar sizes (Github issue #1571)
  • Issue with the Drawing Tools settings override (Github issue #1495)
  • Issue when the Search dialog appears after pressing the hotkeys even though it was disabled in the settings  (Github issue #1475)
  • Chart data reset method wasn’t working  (Github issue #1471)
  • Browser would hang when large values were used for indicator length (Github issue #1453)
  • Advance/Decline indicator lines wouldn’t show sometimes (Github issue #1356)
  • Issue when data for additional symbols and comparisons wasn’t shown (Github issue #1350)

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