July 19, 2017

Complete revamp makes searching a whole lot easier on TradingView

There’s a lot of diverse content on TradingView, and there’s more published every day. Sometimes it’s hard to find exactly what you are looking for.

So we built a brand new menu with categories from the ground up. Let’s break it down.

The Ideas menu lets you find trading ideas based on specific analysis techniques & shows related educational content and scripts. 

The Scripts menu lets you find specific indicators & strategies. It also shows related trading ideas and educational content.

The Markets menu shows all available asset classes. You can navigate down to popular symbols from there. There are also smart financial tools, quote tables with detailed technical data and a few other bells and whistles.

You can find symbols based on specific metrics that matter to you, and apply indicators to them for further analysis.

Ratings are a huge add, showing you which symbols are a Sell, Hold, or Strong Buy based on technical indicators. Read more here.

Basically, everything is super customizable to your needs, making this an individual dashboard that fits your trading style.

Note: When publishing an idea, make sure you mark the correct type (Analysis or Education) and you indicate the right categories for it, so that others can find it – and you can get new fans. You can indicate at most 3 categories per idea.

Ideas of the Analysis type are ones that try to predict where the price will go, along with the usual reasoning and descriptions required for high-quality submissions. Educational ideas strive to, well, educate. You can discuss a trading method, analysis approach or how a certain drawing tool. Educational ideas keep their value and relevance over time, and add to the knowledge pool of the community.  

Ask – we have tried our best to categorize existing ideas, but there are just too many. If your published idea is in the wrong category or is uncategorized at all, let a mod know. They’ll review and place it where appropriate.

Let us know what you think!

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