January 29, 2016
Custom spread charts with QUANDL data!

We have improved the spread feature, so now you can use math operators to create custom spread charts with symbols from QUANDL. Just in case you didn’t know, it is possible to use the math operators (+-*/) to create a custom graph with any available symbols on TradingView. You can even use invariables in your formulas: “MSFT + 50”.

With the latest update, QUANDL symbols can be included in a spread formula. Please note that you need to quote whole symbol name, if this is a symbol from QUANDL. Here is an example: ‘QUANDL:BOC/V39066’ – ‘QUANDL:FRED/DTB6’


QUANDL is huge database that stores a lot of statistical and economical data from all over the world. TradingView gives you access to this data and allows you to operate it the way you want.
Stay tuned for more improvements!

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