November 23, 2018

Chi-X Europe data will be discontinued at the end of December 2018

Please note that we will stop providing market data from the Chi-X Europe exchange at the end of December 2018. All symbols from this exchange include a CHXEUR prefix. For example, CHXEUR:VODL. What this means for you is that data for these symbols will no longer be displayed and you need to make a switch by selecting the appropriate symbols from official exchanges in advance.  

As you probably know, Chi-X Europe is an alternative exchange where symbols from most of the European exchanges are traded. However, the vast majority of these symbols have lower liquidity compared to the official exchange. This often results in a significant data discrepancy which is quite noticeable when comparing less popular symbols. Considering the issues above as well as the fact that we connected most of the official European exchanges directly we decided to discontinue providing data from this particular exchange.

You might want to start using symbols from the following exchanges at this time:

  • European Stock Exchange
  • Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • Milan Stock Exchange
  • Bolsa de Madrid
  • Borsa Istanbul
  • London Stock Exchange (UK Companies)
  • London Stock Exchange (International Companies)
  • Swiss Exchange
  • Nasdaq Stockholm

Please note that delayed data is available on our website for free while real-time data can be enabled by purchasing an appropriate subscription. The pricing table, as well as available markets, can be found here.

Please also note that we are working on connecting the following exchanges:

  • Irish Stock Exchange
  • Oslo Stock Exchange

Many thanks for your understanding & stay tuned for further updates!

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