October 29, 2021

DeFi is coming: even more DeFi tokens are now available on TradingView

This year is coming to an end, but our desire to provide our users with new data is infinite. Say hello to the latest data from DeFi exchanges PancakeSwap, SpookySwap, and Pangolin — now available on TradingView. 

From the world of decentralized finance right to your devices — long-awaited data from PancakeSwap DeFi exchange. “The moon is made of pancakes” and this exchange is made of 31 million trades and more than 1,500 coins. To get access to this data you just need to type PANCAKESWAP:” prefix into the search bar:

But the party doesn’t end there, because there are two more exchanges to go — Pangolin, and the cherry on top of the Halloween cake, SpookySwap. The symbols from these exchanges can be found with the corresponding prefixes: PANGOLIN:” and “SPOOKYSWAP:”.

Every day we work to make our platform better, and all your comments and reviews are very much appreciated. Is the new data not enough? Contact us and we will try and add even more.

Team TradingView

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