Extend Pitchforks, Fibonacci Retracements, and More

Apr 10, 2020

We’ve added the ability to extend lines infinitely on your chart for several popular tools in technical analysis including Pitchforks and Fibonacci Retracements. Select your tool, draw on your chart, and then decide if you want to extend the lines to the left, right or in both directions.

Traders have been asking for this feature so that they can study past price history and also plan accordingly for significant price levels to come. The following tools have been revamped:

  • Pitchforks;
  • Schiff Pitchfork;
  • Modified Schiff Pitchfork;
  • Inside Pitchfork;
  • Fibonacci Retracement;
  • Trend-Based Fib Extension.

To get started, select a technical analysis tool, like the Pitchfork, and head to the tool properties where you will find a new setting called Extend Lines. This is where you can decide to extend your lines infinitely on your chart:

For Fibonacci tools, the process is the same. Head to the tool’s properties and select one or both of the new features — Extend Lines Left or Extend Lines Right:

We hope you enjoy this new update to Pitchforks and Fibonacci Retracements. Please keep sending in your comments, feedback, and suggestions! It is our pleasure to build for the trading and investment community.

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