February 29, 2016

False alarms from antivirus software


ESET has just released another update for NOD32 that eliminates problems with TradingView. Please install the antivirus update.



Eset has updated NOD32 today and this antivirus started to detect threats in www.tradingview.com, which is not infected of course. To learn more about reasons of such behavior, please follow the link: https://forum.eset.com/topic/7550-wrong-detection-website-infection-jsscrinjectb/


  1. Open the antivirus window
  2. Setup -> Toggle Advanced Mode – Yes
  3. Setup (in the right top corner of the window) -> Advanced Setup
  4. Web access protection -> HTTP, HTTPS -> Address Management
  5. Click on ‘List of allowed addresses’
  6. Add -> type *tradingview* -> Ok