October 27, 2014

Featured Ideas of the Week – October 26

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Picks From Community Top Authors

USDJPY- Dual Cloning Analysis  
Check out this unique dual clone analysis for the USDJPY by top author  nmike

Silver Lining Up For Dull Move | $xag $usd $silv #silver $xau
“Protracted bearish correction in the shape of an Elliott Wave Leading Diagonal”  4xForecaster

 Promising Trades and Insightful Analysis 

GBPJPY Time For A Serious Correction!
HamzaLeith Forecasts the potential direction for the GBPJPY using Elliott wave and Fibonacci ratios.

Apple Inc – Is The Apple Inc Cart About To Be Rocked???

Again DanV  uses his favorite analysis method to give a major contrarian view for apple shares, worth checking

AAPL October Flag Breakout. $128 In February 2015
Using simple yet informative analysis, mistertomlinson  derive a bullish outlook for apple shares

S&P500 Index Spz2014 – Futures – Daily 
Very informative analytical observation by timwest 


(Successfully completed trades, with precise and direct to the point on chart analysis)

Trade 1: Selling EURUSD At Resistance By  EagleTrades

This Week in Scripts and Custom Indicators

Multi-functional Fisher Transform MTF With MACDLTrigger

“What this indicator gives you is a true signal when price is exhausted and ready for a fast turnaround” JR