July 23, 2021
Federal Reserve Economic Data Is Now Available on TradingView

New day — new data: you can now take advantage of data from the Federal Reserve System on TradingView.

The Federal Reserve System was created back in 1913 as an independent agency to control the US banking system. Its divisions (12 Federal Reserve Banks) essentially constitute the central bank of the United States and have an impressive list of functions: from issuing banknotes as currency in circulation to managing federal deposit accounts.

Federal Reserve data is over 815,000 time series from 107 sources. Although some of this data was already available to our users, the number has now increased to 1,109 popular episodes. All you need to do is use the “FRED:” prefix in the symbol search. And if you suddenly find that you are missing instruments, contact us and we will definitely add them.

We hope you enjoy this update. Send us your feedback and suggestions — it’s so important for us to know what you think about our work.

TradingView Team

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