October 29, 2013

FxWire Pro now at TradingView

FxWire Pro is the recommend forex newswire service for TradingView. The FxWire Pro newsfeed comes readily integrated with TradingView charts.

FxWire Pro launches Currency Forecasts by top 60 global banks

FxWirePro – “fastest growing institutional FX newsfeed” is proud to introduce “Currency Forecasts” to our newswire service through TradingView. Currency Forecasts are the compilations of various aggregated surveys, polls and insights for major currency pairs provided by top 60 global banks, trading houses, economists and strategists. Currency Forecasts will equip the traders with exclusive and intelligent insights into Institutional sentiment of the market direction. The addition will prove immensely beneficial to the FX traders as they are not limited to forecasts from few research institutions or banks but from a large pool of institutional banks which increases the accuracy. Currency Forecasts will be published daily depending on the releases from various institutions. All forecasts are available for one month, three months, six months and one year.

About FxWirePro

FxWirePro is a comprehensive newswire service for investors and traders that covers all the news affecting the currency markets in a truly trader friendly format – succinct and to the point. FxWirePro is the only newswire service dedicated to FX Trader and is short and concise allowing traders to grasp the full news in the shortest possible time. Each news item is carefully pre-selected for publication into the newswire to ensure its relevancy for the FX Trader. The newswire comes readily integrated on the TradingView platform.