June 29, 2016

House Rules Update!

Please note that our House Rules have been updated in two areas:

Idea status updates

Idea status updates were introduced in October, 2015, as a way for authors to provide quick updates on the management of their published ideas. Possible status updates are: trade active, order cancelled, target reached, stop reached, etc. We also created the possibility to add snapshots and comments. The purpose of adding status updates is, and always has been, to add important information that is relevant to the original trade idea.

Unfortunately we noticed that this feature is often used for other reasons: to promote websites, to announce webinars, to showcase YouTube videos, to link to Facebook groups, to market signal services, to ask for likes and follows, or to have prolonged public debates with individual members. This was never the intention of idea updates and we have updated the house rules to make this clear. From now on, only relevant information that is directly related to the published idea will be allowed as status updates.

Political discourse

Geopolitics is one of the areas which fundamental analysts look at to determine risk in the market and to find opportunities to trade. As such, it’s perfectly fine to address politics in ideas, comments and chats, as long as it’s part of market analysis that directly relates to a trade idea. However when people take sides in a combative way on a controversial geopolitical issue – for the sake of arguing one side and deriding the other, or for the sake of simply wanting to be right –  it often gets out of hand. Sooner or later this leads to personal attacks, discriminatory remarks, or even hate speech.

For this reason we decided to no longer allow contentious political discourse. Analyzing a certain political situation – for example the Brexit, Greece’s debt crisis or the US presidential election – and explaining how this could lead to trade opportunities is fine. Political zealotry is not fine. The goal is to keep conversations on point. Moderators will take appropriate actions with any content or users that violate this guideline. TradingView is an international website with members who have a variety of backgrounds, religions, cultures and political beliefs. What unites us is our passion for trading, our interest in financial markets and our enthusiasm for intelligent trade ideas. The House Rules are here to make sure this remains the focus of TradingView.

Please follow the link to read the rest of the rules.

Thank you for staying with us!