A TradingView Desktop upgrade has landed — meet in-app theme management and customizable tabs

Jun 24, 2022

TradingView Desktop 1.0.10 is here everyone! And we’re happy to announce that our app now keeps its appearance matching your operating system’s theme and allows you to customize the tab title too. These two were among our most requested features — keep reading to learn more.

TradingView Desktop used to use the color theme that was set in the TradingView user profile. That didn’t work all that well for those wanting the app to look differently than TradingView in their browser. There also were requests to support the macOS feature that adjusts the operating system UI appearance based on the Night Shift settings. It’s all now available with this update. We added the Theme setting to the app and set its default option to match and follow your operating system’s theme. You can learn more about this new setting in our Support Center.

Now onto customizable tab titles. We found out that some of you would’ve preferred to see a layout name on the tab title instead of a ticker symbol, because the former can be more informative. Imagine a setup where you have a different layout for each asset type you trade. In this case, you’d like to see your tabs with titles like Crypto, US Stocks, FX, etc. Well, it’s up to you now what your tabs look like — you can adjust it in the Settings.

That’s not all that’s become available with this release. Read its full list of improvements and bug fixes on Reddit.

We hope you love these new updates, but don’t hesitate to let us know what you think about this update and the app itself — Twitter and our subreddit are the best places for feedback.

Team TradingView

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