April 27, 2017

Intraday Data for the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is now available on TradingView!

We’ve increased our data coverage once again. Our registered users have access to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange data from now on. We cover Hong Kong by providing chart data, Fundamental data, Hotlists and a Stock Screener.

Please note that free market data is delayed by 15 mins. Users with any upgraded plan are able to purchase real-time data from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

We are constantly expanding data coverage. You can purchase real-time data from the following exchanges with any upgraded plan:

  • NYSE ARCA & MKT – New York Stock Exchange MKT and Arca equities
  • NASDAQ – NASDAQ Stock Market
  • NYSE – New York Stock Exchange
  • OTC – OTC Markets
  • CME Group (GLOBEX, CBOT, COMEX, NYMEX) Futures
  • TSX – Toronto Stock Exchange
  • TSXV – TSX Venture Exchange
  • MOEX – Moscow Exchange
  • LSE – London Stock Exchange (UK and International Companies)
  • SIX – Swiss Exchange
  • BSE – Bombay Stock Exchange
  • NSE – National Stock Exchange of India
  • ASX – Australian Securities Exchange
  • NZX – New Zealand Exchange
  • BME – Bolsa de Madrid
  • Bovespa – Sao Paulo Stock Exchange
  • BM&F – Brazilian Futures Exchange
  • NAG – Nagoya Stock Exchange
  • TFE – Tokyo Financial Exchange
  • TSE – Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • TOCOM – Tokyo Commodity Exchange
  • HKEX – Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Argentina BCBA – Buenos Aires Stock Exchange
  • BMV –  Mexico Stock Exchange
  • BIST – Istanbul Stock Exchange

More exchanges coming soon!