December 1, 2016

Introducing Pine Indicators with Managed Access

Earlier we announced Pine scripts with protected source code and now it’s time for the next step. Now authors can manage who can access their indicators. This is great for commercial vendors, or authors who want to protect their IP, or share with only a few select people – the reasons could be many. If someone wishes to sell indicators, the author may charge off-site for them, and then provide access to the paying customers. TradingView does not require a percentage of the sales from such transactions.

Simply choose the “Invite-only script” option when publishing, and only users who you specifically add will be able to use it.

On the published script’s page authors will see a Manage Access button, where you can add/remove users, and manage access rights.

The invite-only indicators are visible in the Public Library, but nobody can add it to a chart without explicit permission from the author, and only the author can see the source code. Each user can view, comment and favorite the script’s page with its description, screenshot and author’s comments, and it’s available in the Public Library section in the Indicators dialog. Only users with explicit permission from the author can add the script to a chart. Nobody except the author can view the source code of these scripts.

All of your published scripts with limited access are shown in a new section.

Waiting for your feedback and suggestions!