September 5, 2016

Introducing the Signature field

A couple of important changes were made that affect promotion of third-party products on TradingView. The guideline on references to third-party products was not always properly followed or understood, resulting in substantial abuse.

We are streamlining the process to simplify and clarify what can be promoted and how. Introducing the new Signature Section, which should take all ambiguity out of the process. Now all chart fields are for chart purposes (i.e. title, description, body, etc) – and should contain only information relevant to the trading idea. Now only the Signature field should be used for  promotions, announcements, marketing texts and external links. This update has been reflected in the House Rules. You can edit the Signature field in the user profile. 

Just set it and forget it! It’s efficient, easy to do and brings clarity. If you have nothing to promote – you can create a funny or personal signature, or use it for a general disclaimer.

For fast frequent updates use the Status field in the user profile, which automatically updates all your followers.

Starting from today everybody has 1 week to set their signature (especially relevant to members promoting third party products), after which all published ideas will be moderated according to the updated House Rules.

Questions? Let us know! Msg mods, @admin, or