October 24, 2018
Invite-Only scripts can be published by Premium users only

We are dedicated to increasing the number of indicators available to the whole community since this is one of the most important features on TradingView. Our philosophy is to have an open community where ideas and scripts are shared to make trading clear and productive for everyone. This is precisely why we decided to limit the ability to publish Invite-Only scripts.

We believe the popularity of this feature and the fact that so many users used it had a negative impact on the quality of the community-generated script library. We also think that it’s not fair towards authors who publish open code for the value of the community. With the limit we imposed we aim to further increase the quality of the script library, because those who really want to use Invite-Only scripts still can. Please note that all of our users (both free and paid users) can still publish scripts with a protected source code.


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