January 12, 2022

London Stock Exchange and Borsa Italiana stocks now available in real-time for free

There’s exciting news coming out of TradingView HQ today: from now on, market data from the London Stock Exchange (UK and international companies) and Borsa Italiana (stocks and certificates) are in real-time and free of charge for every registered user.

Previously, these feeds required purchasing an additional subscription package. Now you’ll just need to log in with your TradingView credentials.

You can see the full list of assets available using the drop-down menu “All Sources” from the search box and selecting LSE, LSIN and MIL in the Europe region.

Note, these are Last Trade feeds, meaning they’re not showing Bid / Ask prices but only the last traded price for that instrument. Those who have already subscribed to the feed will instead retain access to the Level 1 data.

By giving everyone the chance to access data from the two exchanges for free, we remain loyal to our mission: helping all traders and investors get the data and tools they need to succeed, and enjoy the process along the way.

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