March 18, 2021
Matba Rofex Futures Are Now Available in Real Time and Free of Charge!

So many of you have been asking about when we’re going to add the most important futures market data in Argentina to our platform, and we’re delighted to announce that the day has finally arrived! 

All users now have access to real-time market data for financial and agricultural derivatives listed on the Matba Rofex market.

To request the assets, use the drop-down menu All Exchanges from the search box on the main page or select the globe icon on the charting platform and find ROFEX – MATBA ROFEX in MEXICO and SOUTH AMERICA region.

See the image below on how to find the assets.

Founded in 2019, Matba Rofex was born from the merger of two markets with a centuries-old tradition in the trading of futures and options in Argentina, the Mercado a Término de Buenos Aires S.A. and ROFEX S.A.

According to the record of volumes traded consolidated by the FIA — Futures Industry Association, in 2020 Matba Rofex ranked 26th in the Global Ranking of Derivatives Markets and 7th in the Ranking of Derivatives on Foreign Currency.

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