November 1, 2017

Meet the new Individual Positions for

Good news for traders and investors who use as a broker. We added a new tab in the Account Manager that lets you see Individual Positions.

Positions tab includes 2 new subtabs now – Individual Positions and Net Positions. The difference between the short and long positions is calculated for each symbol in the Net Positions tab. Individual Positions tab on the other hand displays each position as a separate trade and is opened by default. Your last selected tab will be opened automatically the next time you log in. Note that 2 new columns in the Individual Positions tab were added – ID and Date.

Charts display Net Positions only, same as before. Reverse and bracket orders can’t be applied to individual positions.

Note that if your brokerage account is regulated by the NFA (National Futures Association) then Individual Positions can be viewed only. You may close Net Positions only.

It’ll be possible to create Stop Loss and Take Profit orders in the future. We keep adding new features on a regular basis, so stay tuned for updates!