September 22, 2021

Meet the 20th edition of TradingView’s Technical Analysis Charts & Charting & Trading Platform

At TradingView we are always pushing to provide our community with best-in-class tools: both through our platform, across mobile applications, via our new desktop platform, and new videos, chat, and social channels. 

And to extend this goal even further, we also make many of these features available to you and your customers, which will ultimately help you grow your business. That’s why we created the widgets, and then our self-hosted libraries — charts with advanced technical features that you can host on your website. Powerful, fully customizable, and free frontend solutions.

As we continue to upgrade our current products and open source more of our tools, we hope you will join us for the next 10 years of TradingView product releases.  

To upgrade your current library on GitHub, click here. Don’t have access yet? Request access here and our team will get in touch with you shortly!

New Feature Releases

Custom date range on the chart 

This is the new option of managing time scales on your chart. You can select a specified range (day, month, year, etc.), choose a specific date on the chart, and now, finally, you can also select a custom date range. Just click on the Go to button, select the Custom range tab, and set two dates.

New design of orders and positions on a chart 

Our Charting & Trading Platform now offers a more advanced design of orders and positions on the charts.

Other top features contained in the 20th version:

  • Optimized chart performance with more than 100k visible bars
  • Mathematical operators for symbol search (“quick search”)
  • Full buildout and examples of Market Depth tool
  • Possibility to display custom fields to the symbol info dialog
Become a part of future library versions development:

We are constantly collecting customer feedback through GitHub, emails, and tweets, and continue to modify the library in accordance with our customers’ requests. Here are the latest changes we were asked for and we’ve successfully added. Note that you have to be logged into your GitHub account to view the following links:

  1. Fixed behavior of Pivot Point indicator (GitHub issue #5743)
  2. Fixed resetData() behavior (GitHub issue #5863)
  3. Fixed bug of executing [chart.load(userSavedState)] with any data (GitHub issue #5975)
  4. Fixed a bug where pressing the up/down arrow key on the symbol search caused issues (GitHub issue #2813)
  5. Fixed “and news” translation (GitHub issue #5927)
  6. Fixed bug with Loading Chart Layout (GitHub issue #5930)
  7. Fixed bug with Account Manager (GitHub issue #5750)
  8. Fixed issue with date range (GitHub issue #2002
  9. Fixed the left side gap between the graph edge and the end of the area graph (GitHub issue #5837)
  10. Fixed issue with the behavior of SuperTrend indicator (GitHub issue #5883)
  11. Fixed the bug with getVisibleRange() (GitHub issue #5616)
  12. Fixed issue with LoadChartFromServer (GitHub issue #3976)
  13. Fixed bug with symbolName parameter (GitHub issue #5821)
  14. Fixed bug with Dark theme behavior (GitHub issue #5799)
  15. Fixed issue with setVisibleRange behavior (GitHub issue #5616)
  16. Added price channel to the main pane (GitHub issue #5770)
  17. Fixed bug with Trading Chart settings (GitHub issue #5790)
  18. Fixed bug with Datafeed Getbars (GitHub issue #1489)
  19. Fixed bug with Watchlist read-only behavior (GitHub issue #4508)
  20. Fixed the bug with the indicators names of the Drawing Tree window, Polish version (GitHub issue #4593)

As always, we thank you for your support and help in making TradingView the best product on the financial web. You can send us your feedback via GitHub or reach out to us directly via this contact email.

We look forward to hearing from you! Happy trading. 

Team TradingView

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