March 29, 2022

More tune-up options in TradingView Desktop

What’s that you say, you want more updates for TradingView Desktop? Your wish is our command. We’ve released even more functionality to help you personalize your trading setup with our snazzy new Settings menu, giving you the ability to tune-up the app to your tastes.

The new Settings menu now offers these options:

  • Select a default download location (similar to downloading a file on Chrome)
  • Mute app notifications — silence the app for a while if needed
  • Choose a specific camera and mic for recording ideas (previously you could only use defaults)

This update is added to these great new features from the previous release:

  • Auto-restore symbols and intervals on tabs is now enabled by default (works for single-chart layouts only)
  • Context menus for links and text added
  • Hardware acceleration is enabled by default for Mac and Linux

We unveiled these features in version 1.0.3 and provided some fixes to them in 1.0.4 — which is available for download right now. The app receives updates automatically, but if you can’t wait (we get it!), you can download the app at and update the existing version.

We hope you love these new updates, but don’t hesitate to let us know what you think about this update and the app itself — Twitter and our subreddit are the best places for feedback.

Team TradingView

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