March 23, 2020
NEO Exchange Listed Securities And ETFs Now Available On TradingView

Starting today, you can find NEO Exchange Listed Securities as well as ETFs on TradingView. To get started, enter NEO: in the search bar and select the listed security or ETF of your choosing. Any TradingView user now has access to real-time market data on all NEO-listed securities!

NEO is creating better listing experiences for public companies and investment products and TradingView is glad to be able to work with them.

NEO is a senior stock exchange, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and home to a number of public companies in the cannabis, financial services, real estate and technology sectors. They also have a rapidly expanding list of ETFs from some of Canada’s largest and up-and-coming fund managers.

Thanks for being a member of TradingView! We hope that you enjoy this new data and please continue to send feedback and requests! We really appreciate it.

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