November 5, 2019
New Fields Are Available in the Stock Screener!

The Stock Screener tool now gives everyone even more power to sort, scan, and filter stocks based on how they move in pre-market and post-market hours. Find stocks that are trading with heavy volume or stocks that are gapping higher before the market open. The Stock Screener Tool can be used to find the most active, liquid, or fast moving stocks.

To get started, visit the Stock Screener page and press the Filters button.

Here’s a list of what’s new on the Stock Screener page and the data available to you in pre-market and post-market hours:

  • High;
  • Low;
  • Open;
  • Volume;
  • Change;
  • Pre-market change from open;
  • Pre-market change from open percentage;
  • Pre-market gap percentage.

In addition, the way pre-market and post-market data is presented has changed for the better. The data no longer disappears when the session begins. It’s now displayed until the next session so you can analyze it for longer.

These new features to the Stock Screener will help traders, investors, and anyone else interested in following markets find stocks that are moving at any time. Let us know what you think!


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