July 12, 2017

New Education Section launched with an exclusive free trading course

Huge update. One of our goals is to let regular folks become educated about the financial markets in a safe and reliable environment. So we made an Education section to make learning easier.

Anything worthwhile is hard work, and there’s no quicker path to failure than to get lazy and trust in something that you don’t understand. Understanding, however, takes time and hard work. There’s always room to grow.

Check out the Education section

The first educator onboard is Lex van Dam. Lex is the hedge fund manager, creator of the TV series “Million Dollar Traders” and a founder of Lex van Dam Trading Academy. He’s got 6 courses published already, with more coming soon.

Specifically because TradingView users are awesome, he made a free course just for us.

Go to the free trading course

The Education center on TradingView will have video courses from many different educators. We vet all of them and pick only prominent experts who add value. Anything to do with “quick riches” or scammy techniques is not for TradingView users. There will also be free training videos on how to use TradingView to the full potential. So check back often.