April 16, 2015

New house rules and rating formula

As the community grows and adapts, so must TradingView keep up with your needs. In the near future we’ll make a few important changes in the reputation score logic and House Rules for how to act in the community.

First off, reputation will no longer be affected by actions of users with ZERO reputation. This will help prevent spam accounts and inflating reputation by bots that create multiple accounts and then follow each other.

Second, there will be a concrete set of rules that have to be followed when publicly chatting – to filter out spam and keep content concise and to the point. Now, if a user gets banned, there will be a record of which rule was violated and sent to the user.

Please note that the only goal of our Moderators is to maintain a high-quality of published content and keep conversations on point. TradingView is known for users who act with mutual respect and professionally, so moderators don’t typically need to do anything punitive. However, any content that violates the rules will be dealt with swiftly.

TradingView founders keep open channel of communication with ALL moderators, and trust their judgement in all use cases. We review decisions as needed and make appropriate changes. If you have a disagreement with a moderator – send him/her a private message and talk about it. 99% of disputes are effectively and efficiently solved this way.