November 6, 2014

New indicator package in the TradingView AppStore – Analysis Suite – SCMR Trends.

The SCMR Trend Analysis Suite™ enables you to objectively analyze market conditions, visualize price risks, and enhance your timing and execution of trades. It includes the following indicators:

  • SCRM B2B™

  • SCRM Dynamic Levels™

  • SCRM Momentum Peaks™

  • SCRM Trends™.

The primary tool, SCMR Trend™, automatically finds hidden price relationships using reverse­ engineered fingerprints of price behavior. Our matching and sequencing algorithm highlights the optimum behavior, simplifying your analysis and speeding up your recognition of new market opportunities.

  • The colored price bars indicate different price behavior and states, alerting you to the best market opportunities in real time, ahead of other indicators.

Complementing SCMR Trend™, we offer a group of price indicators to:

  • Dynamically plot market support and resistance areas (SCMR Dynamic Levels™)

  • Highlight individual bar conditions (SCMR B2B™)

  • Measure and time market trading ranges (SCMR Momentum Peaks™)

No matter your trading style or investment needs, the SCMR Suite™ will give you an informational advantage.

Our tools marry the research behind your best ideas and the timely execution of your most profitable ones. Let us help you achieve your trading goals.