December 12, 2014

New indicators: Volatility Stop and Multi-Time Period Charts

Volatility Stop

The Volatility Stop Indicator is able to define the current trend. When a downward trend is determined a red line above the prices bars is plotted; when an upward trend is determined a green line below the prices bars is plotted. These lines are generally used as trailing stops. The Volatility Stop Indicator is more used as an exit tool than an entry tool. When the price crosses the VStop value, the trend reverses and VStop moves to the other side of price.

We’d like to present you VStop indicator written in Pine Script. Please notice new Pine Script features used in this indicator: variables max_, min_, is_uptrend, vstop. We may refer to previous values of the indicator in the source code (e.g. vstop[1], is a vstop value on the previous bar) before the actual vstop variable definition. Enjoy and leave your comments!

New built-in indicator – “Multi-Time Period Charts”

New indicator Multi-Time Period Charts lets you see more time frames on one chart.

You can choose the following time frames:

  • Auto;

  • Daily;

  • Weekly;

  • Monthly;

  • Quarterly;

  • Yearly.


You can also see True Range  (which calculates the close price of the previous period) and Trading Range (which calculates the high and low for the chosen period).

Please try how it works and let us know your feedback and suggestions on Getsatisfaction.

Stay tuned for more improvements!