New Order Window design!

Oct 31 2018

We are happy to announce the new design of the order window. We tried to make it beautiful, simple and easy to use while keeping it functional.

Apart from using the dialog window to place your orders, you can also use the Order Panel which is located on the right hand side. The panel is used by default, but you can switch between the window and the panel using the pin/unpin button.

The panel has many advantages: it’s always accessible, it doesn’t block the chart and it also has additional information about a placed order/position in the corresponding section.

In order to begin entering your order, you have to click on any element on the panel (apart from the place order button). The panel will become activated and you will be able to add your order parameters and place the order directly from the panel.

After the order is placed, the panel becomes inactive again.

If you changed your mind about an order while typing it in, you can use the cancel button to reset the panel. The panel will reset the parameters and become inactive.

The order parameters will also reset if you close the panel.

The DOM panel and the Order Panel can’t be opened simultaneously since they replace each other. When you place an order in the DOM panel, the order window opens automatically.

Let’s look at the functionality of Order Window in more detail:

  • The ability to input not only the fixed price but also the follow price. This means you can input the sell/buy price with the required adjustment. It should be noted that the price is fixed where the focus is and is adjusted in the other field. So if you set the follow price to +5 and keep the focus on that field and if the ask price changes, the fixed price will also change.

  • We’ve added a calculator so that you can easily input the amount. The + and – buttons increase/decrease the value by a minimum value available for the chosen instrument. The number buttons add value accordingly every time the button is pressed. The button C resets the amount to 0. The restore button resets the amount to the default one for the chosen instrument.

  • You can set the quantity in common units, risk (dollar amount) as well as a percentage of capital that you are willing to risk. The additional fields ($ Risk and % Risk) will appear if you activate Stop Loss.

  • New layout for the Stop Limit orders. You can input the Stop Price and the follow price is displayed next to it.

  • Bracket orders are activated either by the corresponding option or by clicking on the fields Pips/Price.                                 

The other changes are visual:

  • Duration is now called Time in Force. Selecting time/date is a lot easier now.

  • The Risk/Reward ratio is located between the bracket order titles and will be visible if you activate both Take Profit and Stop Loss.

  • You can enter the unit you prefer for each field (Price, Quantity, Take Profit/Stop Loss). The fields where you input values are highlighted in grey and the other fields are recalculated accordingly. So if you input 25 pips in the Stop Loss value, this value will remain the same, while the price value of Stop Loss will vary according to the ask price. Be aware that we have added the possibility of adding the price in pips for your convenience and that when the order is sent to the broker the price value is used for Stop Loss/Take Profit. In the near future, we are planning on integrating pips for brokers that support it.

  • The order placing button contains a short description of the order. You can now make sure that everything is correct before sending the order.

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