New product launch: Trader Tarot Cards

Apr 1, 2021

Well, well, well, the team have really outdone themselves on this front with our latest product launch: Trader Tarot Cards.

As of today, you can complement your technical indicators with divine ones, via your very own pack of bespoke trading-themed tarot cards. It features all 78 Major and Minor Arcana including: The Exit, The Long, The Short, YOLO, The Moon and much, much more.

How to use the deck

Luckily there’s no wrong way to do a trader tarot reading. But it does require a bit of intuition and practice to get the best results. Here’s how we recommend getting started using the deck:

  1. Shuffle your Trader Tarot Deck. 
  2. Close your eyes and focus on the symbol you wish to predict the price movement of.
  3. Draw three cards.
  4. Get an initial impression from the reading. What do the images say to you about the market direction?
  5. Look up the meanings in your pack’s info booklet for a full prediction.
  6. Let the reading inform your trade thinking, now act.

Arthur Waite, Head of Special Projects at TradingView, said: “The Holy Grail of any trader’s set-up is something that guides your position even when traditional indicators are unclear. The market is a living breathing being — as we all know — and the Trader Tarot Deck cuts through the fog surrounding it, to help you see its vast, beating heart.”

Pamela Colman-Smith, NFT Designer, added: “The artwork was a pleasure to draw and it’s been great to see a massive NFT interest in them already. We’ve already had offers of $10K for Diamond Hands and, outrageously, over $60K for our coveted shiny, blue-eyes Papa Elon card!”

Stay tuned for more releases, including trading desk crystal balls, coming very soon.

Trading Tarot Card deck: $20. Limited time only. Buy it here.

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