Unveiling our new product — welcome TradingView Options

May 27

Today, we introduce our newest product — TradingView Options (Beta). This tool is designed to enhance your trading experience with an advanced options strategy builder that can be used to model strategies of any complexity level. Let’s look into the new functionality and how it can be helpful.

TradingView Options starts with the strategy builder, a tool that enables the modeling of sophisticated option spreads (strategies). Here, you can start with a default handbook of standard option strategies, which can be filtered by strategy type — bullish, bearish, or neutral. As you switch between strategies, the risk profile graph updates accordingly on the right side of the interface, providing a representation of potential outcomes. Key parameters such as expiration dates, spread leg strikes, and the number of contracts can be adjusted directly on the chart.

If standard strategies aren’t enough, you can use them to create a custom one. Simply click the “Create” button, name your strategy, and start building. Once created, your custom strategies will be listed on the chart’s left side. There can be any number of custom strategies — add them from the handbook or by copying existing ones.

Our strategy builder lets you add multiple positions to any custom strategy, and you can modify prices, strike sizes, and expiration dates — all to make sure each strategy meets your trading goals.

The strategy builder gives you the power to compare multiple strategies on a single chart — no more switching between tabs to complete your analysis. For example, you can duplicate a strategy, adjust its size, and plot both versions to analyze performance differences.

In addition to strategy building, TradingView Options provides access to raw option quotes and essential metrics such as volatility and greeks through the Chain and Volatility tabs. This data will help better understand the options’ market dynamics and potential risks.

When it comes to switching the underlying asset of your options, all you need to do is to open the Symbol Search. Currently, TradingView Options supports option contracts from CME, NYMEX, COMEX, CBOT, NSE, and BSE exchanges, and we plan to expand this list.

We hope our new product will help you find new opportunities in global markets and craft reliable strategies to reach your goals. Stay tuned for more updates!

Team TradingView

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