New Stable Charting Library and Trading Terminal V 1.12 is Out

Feb 23, 2018

Good news! We are excited to announce that the new stable version of our Charting Library and Trading Terminal has been released. We made lots of changes and added quite a few improvements based on your feedback and requests. Many thanks for your suggestions and we hope that you’ll like what we’ve built. Take a look at the fixes and improvements below.

What’s new in the Charting Library?

User Interface

  • New chart style – Baseline. (Github issue #2097)
    Analyzing price fluctuations has never been easier!
  • The ability to go to a specific date. (Github issue #1753)
    This should make navigating through the chart a lot easier.
  • Session breaks. (Github issue #1752)
    Make your chart easier to understand by dividing it into sessions.
  • New adaptive drawings panel. (Github issue #1145)
    It’s much easier to use drawing tools on mobile devices now.


  • Added the override method for the created studies. (Github issue #2098)
  • Added the save/load API. (Github issue #1679)
  • Added the API to interact with shapes and studies. (Github issue #1101)
  • Added TypeScript definitions. (Github issue #1591)


  • Highly demanded indicators were added.
  • Supertrend Indicator. (Github issue #1950)
  • VWAP Indicator. (Github issue #106)

Other Improvements

  • Added a featureset to show/hide the toolbar on the left by default. (Github issue #2209)
  • Added the method to change the study applying order. (Github issue #2187)
  • Added the ability to customize the loading screen. (Github issue #2012)
  • Added the ability to display previous day’s closing price on intraday charts. (Github issue #1843)
  • Added the ability to set profit/loss levels for the long/short position drawing tool. (Github issue #1691)
  • Added the ability to use case sensitive symbols. (Github issue #1581)
  • Added the ability to set stop loss and take profit levels for long/short position drawing tool using an API method. (Github issue #1459)
  • Added the ability to hide/show indicators with an API. (Github issue #1025)

What have we fixed?

  • Fixed the use of chart parameters, additional symbols and compare styles. (Github issue #1812)
  • Fixed an issue with the displaying of wrong trading intervals. (Github issue #1787)
  • Fixed an issue with the basic time scale index update. (Github issue #2442)
  • The memory leak issue when working with data feeds has been fixed. (Github issue #2270)
  • Fixed an issue with the price level update of the order line. (Github issue  #2237)
  • Fixed an issue with formatting when quotes data isn’t received within a certain period of time. (Github issue #2228)
  • Incorrect bar alignment was fixed. (Github issue #2179)
  • Fixed an issue with loading the saved chart that includes a session break. (Github issue #2153)
  • Fixed an issue with the exchange in the chart legend being displayed incorrectly. (Github issue #2046)
  • Stoch RSI calculation error has been fixed. (Github issue #2038)
  • Added the missing translations to the Russian version. (Github issue #1946)
  • The unused chart setting was removed from the scale property settings. (Github issue #1918)
  • Fixed an issue with overriding Awesome Oscillator settings. (Github issue #1213)

What’s new in the Trading Terminal?

User Interface

  • Individual and net positions filter (Github issue #1906)

Brokers that allow opening of individual and net positions are now able to display both types of positions in the Trading Panel. The previous version of the Trading Terminal allowed to display net positions only. This new improvement makes it a lot easier to monitor your positions and keep track of your trading account.

  • Notifications log (Github issue #1896)

We’ve added a new tab that displays all notifications that are received from the broker. Notification history will be stored right until the page gets updated. All broker notifications can be easily viewed from one place now.

Other Improvements

  • Added the column sorting parameter for the Account Manager tables. (Github issue #2344)
  • Fixed an issue with the quantity in the order when price step is less than 1. (Github issue # 2141)
  • Numbers with decimal separators can now be displaced in DOM. (Github issue #2255)

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