June 22, 2021
New Ways to Search

Our new search bar gets you where you need to go faster. Go right to your favorite chart or search for scripts, ideas, and people. We’ve also added a save feature that will remember your preferred search preferences each time. 

The new search bar sits at the top of the site and looks like this: 

Click the dropdown menu to see a list of options that you can search including going directly to the chart or looking for specific keywords related to ideas or scripts:

Now let’s walk through each search option available to you. We hope this helps you discover new symbols, ideas, scripts, and people!

Launch chart

Go directly to the chart of your choice. Type in a symbol, hit enter, and the chart will instantly open so you can perform your research with all of our most advanced tools — like this. 

Search ticker overview

Go to a symbol overview page where you can find stats, facts, and ideas about a specific symbol. For example, the Apple (AAPL) symbol page or Bitcoin (BTCUSD) symbol page.

Search ideas

Search all published ideas from millions of traders and investors. For example, try searching for the keyword Breakout or MemeStocks. Now you can find what others are saying just by typing it into the search box.

Search scripts

Find a specific type of indicator or strategy. With over 100,000 scripts in the Public Library, this will help you find exactly what you need. For example, type Fundamental Analysis and be directed to a page showing scripts that are tagged with fundamentals. Other examples are Volume and VWAP.

Search people

Connect with other traders and investors by searching for their username. Follow them, send a private message or check out their recent publications. Type their username in the search box and hit enter.

We hope you enjoy these new search features! Please let us know if you have any feedback or questions.

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