November 8, 2016

Nov 7 Data Outage – What Really Happened

TL;DR – This is a followup to yesterday’s post on a data outage. ICE Data had a hardware breakdown, the backup plan was not really a backup, waiting for their explanation of how it’ll never happen again.

First off, our apologies to all of our users. Regardless of what happens upstream, you depend on us to see your market data and make decisions – we get that. We are the site that you come to use every day, and it’s on your confidence and trust that the entire TradingView community is built.

We take any mishaps very seriously, whether it’s our tech that misbehaved, or someone else’s. We get your pain and are offering refunds for users with paid plans who were affected by the outage – reach out to support if you were affected. Below is an explanation of what happened.

A little about how financial data works. Exchanges mainly distribute data through large companies, known as data vendors. They connect to exchanges, gather the data, clean it, package and resell it downstream to services like TradingView.

We buy our data from a company called Interactive Data, which was recently bought by Intercontinental Exchange, and is now called ICE Data. They stream data to us through VPNs, which are secure encrypted channels. We maintain and pay for two channels, a main and a backup, specifically in case something goes down. In this case both channels went down at the same time – and we have no idea why. When our data went down – we could only wait and ask them for updates, since it was all on their end. We are still waiting on an explanation of what happened and what’s being done to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

It’s incredibly painful to watch as the community that we’ve all worked so hard to build is struggling – and there’s nothing we can do about it. And all this on a day before the US election, one of the most important market days of the year and peaking traffic!

Transparency is key to trust, hence the long post. Thanks for your patience and hope this will make the TradingView community only stronger!