September 7, 2020

NSE Futures Data Now Available

We started our India operations back in 2016 and we’re thrilled about the progress we’ve made. Our goal is to continue giving our Indian customers the best tools and data while also allowing every other member on TradingView to benefit from that. Today, we’re happy to announce we’ve added NSE futures to our platform, available to all users.

NSE stands for the National Stock Exchange of India. It was established in 1992 and is now one of the largest exchanges in the world. They also launched the iconic Nifty 50 Index, which is used by investors globally to measure the health of equity markets in India. 

To get started with this new data, enter NSE: into the search bar and select the futures you are interested in. All of our users now have access to real-time market data to all NSE Futures. Check out the visuals below on how to search for NSE futures:

Thanks for your support and checking out our latest updates. Please continue to send in your questions, comments, and feedback. We really appreciate it and love building for you.

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