December 8, 2017

OANDA brokerage is connected directly now!

Good news, connecting to OANDA is now easier than ever. TradingView users will no longer need an intermediary in order to connect.

Please note that the login process has been changed. Login and password fields are no longer present on the OANDA page.

Select your account type and click Continue. A separate window with the username and password field should pop up.

Tick the accounts that you wish to use and click Allow when finished.

Once connected, you can continue working with the OANDA brokerage as usual.

We’ve made a few adjustments in the account manager. It’s almost identical to OANDA’s online platform now.

Note that you are now able to see trailing stop orders in the account manager and on the chart. You can also cancel those orders (we didn’t support the accounts that allowed placing trailing stop orders along with stop loss orders previously). On top of that, you should be able to place and edit those orders through our platform soon.

Important notice: We only display the data that we receive from the brokerage. We don’t execute any orders on our end.

We are also adding trade history and net position display for OANDA brokerage soon. Stay tuned for updates!